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Learn How To Build Successful Online Business And Create A Life You Love

Learn How To Build Successful Online Business And Create A Life You Love

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  • Learn how the digital economy is transforming everything
  • Discover multiple online business models you can start immediately
  • Why you don’t need any business or product ideas to start your own business
  • How you can leverage automated systems selling products for your behalf 24/7 
  • How to earn high-ticket commissions and setting up passive income streams

Imagine the amount of freedom you can achieve with an online business

Geographical freedom

With the right skills, you can run your online business from anywhere you want. Perhaps it is at home with your family or in the beach resort? I have always been loving exploring the globe and photographing; now finally, I have found a way to fulfill my passions.


Wealth doesn’t always mean money. Most of us trade our time every day just for money. Whatever you spend your time doing, it’s important to enjoy it! True wealth comes from inside and the pursuit of your dreams.

Time Freedom

Everyone has a limited amount of time on this planet. You can’t buy more time but you can decide how you use it. By leveraging digital tools and systems, you can automate most of the tasks and focus on doing things you love most.


Before tapping into the online business, I was in the automotive and transportation industry for almost a decade. First learning the skills and becoming an engineer of my field, then it took me just a few years to realize that this can’t be it. Is this really everything the world has offer to me, do I really need to spend the next decades doing this unfulfilling job. 

I realized that I have zero interest in my usual work, it just took my time but gave nothing more back than just enough money to pay bills.

I realized that I wanted more from my life, I was tired selling my time for a boss and building other people dreams. I was not prepared to live a life without my fullest potential until retirement. I knew that there are people who are living my dreams. I just needed to find my way to learn those same skills.  

Literally everything changed after I came across with this fantastic business community, excellent mentors and powerful online education. The knowledge they shared led me to start my own online business and the life I truly want to live.

After finding my passion and living this way I have found that it has so much more meaning than just quitting your job or living a life with more freedom. As you find your passion, you’ll operate with your hearth and soon you’ll see yourself waking up motivated and full of energy every single morning! 

Markus Seppälä

Founder of New Digital Lifestyle

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