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Before tapping into online business, I was in automotive and transportation industry almost a decade. First learning the skills and then working several years until I realizing that I educated myself to something I had no passion. My work just took my time butgave nothing more back than just enough money to pay bills.

I wanted more from my life, I was tired selling my time for a boss and building other people dreams. I was not prepared to live a life without my fullest potential all the way until retirement. I knew that there are people who are living my dreams. I just needed to find my way to learn those same skills.  

So in April 2018 I came across with these awesome mentors who shared all their knowledge which led me to start building my own online business and the life I truly want to live.

I have found that this has so much more meaning than just quitting your job and live a life with more freedom. Because when you find your passion and you operate with your hearth, you will see yourself waking up motivated and full of energy every single morning! 

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